Why You Can’t Ever Afford to Over Discipline Your Children

We all know that perfection can be achieved by walking the path of discipline. In general, a child’s special attention needs love and affection. A certain amount of strictness is also necessary to make children into good human beings. However, sometimes parents try to over-discipline their children and there lies a bigger problem.

You often hear that anything in excess is not good. Nothing changes when it comes to discipline. Of course, discipline is very important in a child’s life, but over-disciplining a child is equally harmful. Let us tell you about some of the side effects of applying too much discipline to children.

Children become shy: Imposing excessive discipline on children can make them shy. Children are more afraid. Due to excessive discipline, children start becoming weak and always try to run away from trouble.

Low Confidence: Over-disciplining children can lead to low self-confidence. Because of this, children start underestimating themselves. They feel less confident. Lack of self-confidence in children affects their future achievements.

Children’s morale is damaged: Over-disciplining children also reduces their morale. Due to this children are not able to do any work with proper confidence. On the other hand, due to lack of morals, they are unable to be brave.

Don’t hesitate to share: By imposing more discipline on the child, they will start to fear and because of this they will not be able to share things openly with their parents. Even if they make a mistake.. they lie and hide it and admit it in front of their parents. They feel that parents scold or punish them because they have lost their comfort zone with their parents.

Alienation from Society: Falling confidence and fear due to discipline alienates them from social life. Because of this, children feel uncomfortable when meeting new people and avoid speaking openly and expressing their opinions to others. They don’t feel comfortable making friends and won’t get along with anyone soon.

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