What is Paranoid Personality Disorder? Symptoms and Cure

Have you experienced some suspicious feelings in every relationship? Are you unsatisfied with any relationship? If yes, you may have a serious mental disorder – Paranoid Personality Disorder. In paranoid personality disorder, a person is always on guard. They believe that other people are trying to humiliate, hurt or humiliate them. It can also happen in intimate relationships.

These are some prominent symptoms of paranoid personality disorder:

Suspicion of others’ commitment and loyalty

You believe they are betraying you

Never share any personal information as they can use it against you

holding a grudge

Taking different meanings from any innocent comments or simple looks

Think more

Taking criticism badly and then lashing out at the other person

Anger is your weapon

Turning cold in any relationship. You try to distance yourself from others

Always in attack and argumentative mood

Causes of Paranoid Personality Disorder

It is said to be a combination of certain biological and psychological factors that lead to paranoid personality disorder. Some childhood or emotional trauma can lead to such a mental disorder.

Treatment of paranoid personality disorder

Usually, there are some diagnostic and physical tests as well. But such tests depend on the level of the disorder in the individual. Psychiatrists and psychologists can help you through psychotherapy in the form of counseling.

Prevention is better than cure, how to prevent paranoid personality disorder?

Maintain a sleep pattern. Proper sleep helps keep your mind calm.

Stop the habit of overthinking

Focus on your life, career and goals

Exercising and doing yoga can help your body stay active and stay away from negative emotions

Interact as much as you can. Do some social work that keeps you motivated

Meditation and writing will help you

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