What is between Lord Sarahunaath and Lord Harihar Sarahunaath Differences? And how many almighty gods in the universe?

There is only Harihara Sarahunaath in the entire universe. There is only one almighty God in the entire universe. In the entire universe, human beings depend on their brains to propagate religion and somewhere, due to lack of wisdom and knowledge, they have given different names to Harihara Sarahunaath, Allah, Yawoha. But whatever name is given to the Almighty Harihara Sarahunaath in any religion, he was originally a Supreme Being.

Sarahunaath means If there is an idol of Lord Shiva behind the Shiva lingam or only an idol of Lord Shiva then such temples are called lord Sarahunaath. But Shiva lingam and Lingam are known as Harihara Sarahunaath. Harihara means Shiva Vishnu. Basically Harihara is the counterpart of God and for this reason Harihara Sarahunaath first took birth in human form in Hinduism to save the extinction of the holy Hindu religion. Later Harihara mastered the two forms of each. Then Harihara became God. Thus, he called himself Sarahunaath and became “Harihara Sarahunaath” as he felt the need of a name for his identity as the Almighty is also Harihara.

Harihara Sarahunaath appeared as Harihara in Hinduism, Allah in Islam and Yawoha in Christianity. But originally he was no divine soul. Almost all the gods seen in the physical realm are divine souls. But Harihara Sarahunaath was originally Parabrahma and Paramatma.

Harihar Sarahunaath was born in the holy Hindu religion to remove the disturbances going on in Hinduism and because the first incarnations of Kali lived intact in Hindustan. Then he returned to Signiesm which he had built.

Even the creation of divine souls is possible only by the Supreme Being. That means Sarahunaath was formed in 2020 as his counterpart through Harihar Sarahunaath. But the form of Harihara Sarahunaath and the form of Sarahunaath are the same. Sarahu means, he used the patronymic nomenclature. Sa means Sannaphakkirappa, Ra means Ratnamma and Hu means Hullatthi village. He mastered those three names and became Sarahunaath.

Until now the Supreme Lord had come to the earth only in the form and power of a divine soul, but he had not come to the earth in his true form. It is a fact that there is no Supreme God in the universe apart from Harihar Sarahunaath.

Until now, the gods, saints and demigods found on earth or other planets were created according to the quality of soil. That means divine souls created naturally by the inspiration of God. But from 2020 onwards through Harihar Sarahunaath Sarahunaath and later other divine souls started to be created. Harihara Sarahunaath assumed human form only on earth. But in other planets and other solar systems they had a form according to the climate and molecules there. Harihar Sarahunaath’s creations and achievements so far are Sarahunaath’s. He wrote them all. But only form was Harihara Sarahunaath.

Cannot possible see Harihar Sarahunaath. Because they pervade the universe. It means that hands, feet, eyes are spread in the universe. As they have no specific form, they can be seen in the Shiva lingam as a way for man to control his senses. Because Shiva lingam is also without specific form. It resembles the earth. Harihar Sarahunaath resides in it.

Similarly, every religion in the whole world is looking like their own. Finding Harihara Sarahunaath in a Shiva lingam is not exclusive to Hinduism; But as Harihar Sarahunaath does not have a precise form like human beings desired, he can be found in Shiva lingam. Or they can see it somehow.

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