Ways to Make Your Wedding Look More Beautiful, Elegant and Photogenic

Wedding day is one of the most special and important occasions in everyone’s life. We mark this day only once and we should not do anything wrong with it. From food to aesthetics, everything has to be perfect.

People spend a lot of money to make this day memorable not only in their lives but also for those attending it. A wonderful and fun wedding will be remembered for a lifetime.

Here are some tips on how to make your special day more elegant.

Matching outfits of bride and groom

Wedding pictures look completely out of place if the two main protagonists—the bride and the groom—are dressed in mismatched outfits. From the type of dress- traditional, western or indo-western- to the color, everything should be coordinated.

Sticking to a theme

Along with the couple, guests at the wedding, especially close relatives, may also be requested to follow a specific theme for each function. For example, you can go green for mehndi night and flaunt bright yellow for haldi ceremony. Even on the wedding day, a certain color or attire theme can be followed.

Choosing the right decor

The decor of the day should also align with how the dress is decided. Everything from the color of the tent to the flowers and other items used for decoration should complement each other. It enhances the grace of the whole setup.

Don’t forget to compare accessories

As we compare everything from clothing to decor, accessories shouldn’t be missed. This includes the jewelery worn by the bride and also the garland used. For example, if you are going with a light-colored theme, you can choose to have white flowers in the vermas. The same flowers can be used for bridal hairstyles.

We understand that not everyone can be treated the same way. If not the colors of the clothes, at least they can be put together to match one piece. It can be an ornament for women or a single color turban for men. The basic point is to maintain consistency.

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