Try This Easy Peasy Banana Cheela Recipe For Your Breakfast If You Haven’t Already

Breakfast is a bit tricky on a daily basis because we also need to get ready for work. But what if we told you that we have an easy and healthy pea recipe that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Wondering what we’re talking about? This is a banana cheela recipe that you can enjoy in minutes and load yourself with energy.

Every single household follows a simple method of making groundnut cheela for breakfast. However, when it comes to delicious food, healthy as well, in this situation, gram flour leaves little to be desired. Banana Cheela is the best thing you can do when it comes to healthy food with loaded flavors. So here is the same recipe.

Ingredients to make Banana Chila

Bananas – 2

Milk – 1 cup

Flour – 2 cups

Groundnut – 2 tsp

Fennel powder – 1/2 tsp

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Butter – as much as needed

Nut powder – as needed

Jaggery – as per taste
Steps to make Banana Cheela

Start by peeling the bananas and cutting them into large pieces.

Now add banana pieces, gram flour, cardamom powder, fenugreek powder, dry fruits powder, little milk and grind them in a mixing jar.

Now keep this paste in a mixing bowl.

To make the batter, mix the rest of the milk, flour and crushed jaggery.

Remember to beat the dough to break up all its lumps.

Take a non stick pan or tawa and heat it on medium flame.

When the tawa is hot, add a little butter and spread it all over.

The batter should now be placed in a bowl before being poured into the center of the pan and spread to create a wedge shape.

Shortly after cooking, flip the Cheela and fry the other side in butter until golden brown on both sides.

Your Banana Cheela, full of energy, is ready for your breakfast. Serve hot with any of your favorite dips.

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