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Tom Holland And Zendaya Pack On PDA In Car; ‘Tomdaya’ Shippers Rejoice On Social Media

Spider-Man: No less a real-life movie treat for Marvel fans after homecoming couple Tom Holland and Zendia made it public. After appearing in the first installment of the three-series Spiderman franchise, the young stars have gained a huge following, connecting actors with love in real life. After five years of waiting and continuous shipping, fans are now expressing their ecstasy on social media.

Packed on PDA in Tom Holland and Zendaya car

Making it official, the 25-year-old British actor was seen kissing a 24-year-old Disney star in a parked car. Video and close-up shots from the moment Paparazzi took over exploded on social media, and Marvel fans could not believe the dramatic turn in their five-year friendship. The couple fell in love when the first Spiderman movie was released in 2017, however, they quickly dissolved such rumors and maintained that they were just friends.

‘Tomadaya’ fans into social media frenzy

As soon as the photos and video of the couple packing in the main PDA aired on social media, maniac fans rushed to post their reaction. From hilarious memes to hilarious memes, Twitter was flooded with netizens enjoying the ‘Tomdaya’ moment. One fan shared a fan who kissed Tom Holland and Zendia in the movie vs. in real life, while another fan expressed their happiness on Twitter, saying they have been passionate about the couple since 2017. One fan shared a picture of the moment and wondered if the young actors were serious or cheating fans with one of their Shenanigans.

Many fans aired these pictures online and in close-up shots after kissing Zendia pointed out how happy the British actor was. The Internet did not waste time creating memes about dramatic situations, but actor Jake Gillenhall and rapper Nicki Minaj were also included in the mix. A user shared a picture of Gillenhall with the caption ‘Spotted Jake Gillenhall feasting himself after the press release pictures of Tom Hollande and Zendia kissing’.

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