This story cannot be read in Parliament

Ahead of the monsoon session of Parliament, the Lok Sabha Secretariat today released a handbook listing words that are now considered ‘unparliamentary’ in both houses. Read this story and see how many such words you can find.


Sharing this post on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi described the term as unparliamentary

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a Nikamma boy. His teachers get bored with his antics and pull him up.

One day, out of sheer childishness, he decided to play a prank on his pal Buddhi friends, whom he teased.

The following week, he and his corrupt friends, often called his chelas, went to cut wood in the mountains. Suddenly, he shouted, “Tiger”.

The boy’s friends ran screaming. The villagers heard the screams and came to help. When they found out it was a bloody prank, they weren’t too happy. Feeling betrayed by the drama, they scolded the inept kid for his hooliganism and went on their way.

The next day, the foolish boy went to cut wood on the same hill with his donkey. Unfortunately a tiger appeared to him.

He shouted “Tiger!” he cried. Tears started rolling down his cheeks in fear, he never imagined that his anger would kill him.

The villagers, feeling cheated by the boy’s misdeeds, dismissed the boy’s cries as a farce and ignored them. On that gala din no one came to save the boy and he was eaten by the beast.

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