This game of musical chairs is not over. The viral video will make you laugh out loud

A video of a woman and a man playing musical chairs at a wedding ceremony is going viral on the internet. However, the twist at the end has divided netizens and you definitely shouldn’t miss it.

This game of musical chairs is not over.


  • A video of a man and a woman playing musical chairs is going viral.
  • Both were playing a game at the girl’s wedding.
  • The hilarious twist at the end has divided netizens.

Now, who doesn’t love a thrilling game of musical chairs? From parties hosted by adults, to children’s birthday parties, musical chairs are a staple game. However, things took an unexpected turn when two people played it at the wedding shower. No, don’t worry, nothing bad happened. But the twist at the end has divided netizens and you shouldn’t miss the viral video.

This viral video has been released by Now This company on Twitter. In the 10-minute clip, a man and a woman can be seen playing musical chairs at a bride’s wedding reception. In the final round they were surrounding one of the remaining chairs, with music playing in the background. However, as soon as the music stops and the man reaches for the chair, the woman pulls it away in an instant and seats herself. Funny, isn’t it?

“This final round of musical chairs came to an absolutely perfect conclusion,” reads the post’s caption.

Watch the viral video here:

The video, which was shared online, received more than 1 lakh views. Netizens couldn’t help but laugh out loud and took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“A game for games,” wrote one user.

Another user commented, “She’s got her shoes off. She didn’t lose.”

Check out the comments here:

Big ROFL moment!

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