The woman added sex work experience to her LinkedIn profile. The viral record is tearing the internet apart

In the first instance, a woman listed sex work as her experience on her LinkedIn profile and created quite a stir on social media after doing so. A woman named Arielle Egozi listed sex work among her other work participation. He wrote a long post about it that apparently went viral online and divided the internet.

Ariel Egosi, who also works as a creative director, added sex work to her work experience on her LinkedIn profile. “Two weeks ago I quit an intern job with fancy benefits, and the reason I did it was sex work. I saved enough from selling my image and engagement to ask myself if I was happy. I wasn’t. Yeah, some great things I saved over time helped, but “The biggest reason I walked away is because sex work shows what my power can do when I intentionally own it,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

“Why is this different than other client’s work?” she asked. The answer I got over and over again was no. So, it’s now on my LinkedIn. My new standard for incoming creative clients is to be at least half as respectful, generous, and grateful as John does online. In a project. They don’t necessarily understand it, but they respect the hell out of it,” Ariel added.

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Arielle’s post went viral online with over 9k likes and started a conversation on LinkedIn. While some users applauded his courage, others weren’t too impressed.

“Personally, I respect any woman who needs to do this work. I think sometimes women are confused about where real power comes from. We never tell girls who have been traumatized by sexual trafficking or abuse that they are empowered by that experience. A sexual trauma like “Once we heal from the experience, we don’t need to sell our bodies because our worth is not tied to our physical form. It comes more from our souls. Would I hire a sex worker? Sure,” one user wrote.

Another person commented, “So, can we promote prostitution on LinkedIn now? That is, no matter how we choose to spell it, getting paid for sex is still adultery. It is no less illegal because the words are beautifully constructed. If a thief claims that his job is to liberate precious artifacts, can mere words decriminalize his work?

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