Sara Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor’s death experience in Kedarnath will send shivers down your spine

On Koffee With Karan 7, Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor spoke about their near-death experience at Kedarnath. Here’s what they revealed.

Sarah, Jhanvi had a near-death experience at Kedarnath.


  • Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor recently visited Kedarnath.
  • Sara and Jhanvi have a near death experience.
  • Today (July 14) Koffee With Karan 7 features young actresses.

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor will be the next guests on Koffee With Karan 7. The Bollywood BFFs are ready to spill the beans about their personal lives, professional commitments and adventures. The story of their episode premiered on Disney + Hotstar Jhanvi and Sara’s near death experience at Kedarnath It has gone viral on the internet. On Karan Johar’s chat show, Janhvi and Sara opened up about their terrifying experience from the trip.

Sara, Jhanvi’s near death experience

Sara Ali Khan recalls her and Janhvi’s near-death experience at Kedarnath. “We decided to go to Bhairavanatha, there was a normal path to walk. But we thought we should be fine. We chose to hike instead. There was a slope of 85 rocks, Jhanvi said, let’s climb this.” Sara.

The actress further mentioned that their adventure turned dangerous and at one point, she was convinced that they would fall due to the shaky rocks. However, both Sara and Jhanvi are relieved to see a fan coming towards them. But much to their disappointment, the fan only wanted to take selfies with the young actresses. It was only after 30 minutes that Sarah’s driver found them and they were rescued with the help of special forces.

Sarah chose a cheap hotel without a heater

Also, Janhvi Kapoor revealed that her lips turned blue after Sara opted for a cheap hotel without heaters to save Rs 6,000 i -7 degrees Celsius. “I traveled to Kedarnath with two thermals, a puffer jacket, three shawls, two. Track pants and two sweaters. Karan, I wore every piece of clothing I owned and was still shivering,” Kapoor said.

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