‘Rorschach’ movie review: Mammootty’s psychological thriller is intriguing but imperfect

‘Rorschach’ is an effective psychological thriller that, like the test itself, has its imperfections, but is an intriguing experience nonetheless.

‘Rorschach’ is an effective psychological thriller that, like the test itself, has its imperfections, but is an intriguing experience nonetheless.

Placing roles Rorschach Through the Rorschach test, studying their personality traits and mental makeup can be a fascinating exercise, as most of them have some twisted nodes in their brains. On the surface, however, Luke Antony (Mammootty) is clearly deranged, seeing visions and fighting imaginary enemies. A man’s arrival in a village bordering a forest is a mystery, compounded only by his actions.

Luke goes to the police station and reports his wife missing after their car accident near the forest. But, as the search operation progresses, doubts arise as to whether the woman really disappeared or if she is just a figment of his imagination. This reinforces the notion that the rich man from Dubai had arrived at this nondescript village with other motives in mind.


Director: Nissam Bashir

Cast: Mammootty, Grace Antony, Asif Ali, Jagdish, Bindu Panicker

Runtime: 185 minutes

Plot: Luke Anthony is on a mission to exact revenge on those who have so badly ruined him.

Meets director Nissam Bashir Kettiyolaanu Ente Maalakha, making good use of the mystery surrounding Luke and his actions, furthering the plot as it ventures into some unknown territory. But Sameer Abdul’s script didn’t just stick to Luke. It flows through a set of characters, each with their own ulterior motives, from a man who sees a rich man who has spent too much time searching for his wife who sees an opportunity and seizes it, to a cop who dreams of a stake when he uncovers some murky dealings, and Sujatha (Grace Antony). He has an enormous capacity for self-preservation.

Halfway through, when the picture becomes clear, things are not what they seem. We get clues about Luke’s state of mind. But for the white room torturer, which leads to disorientation and loss of personal identity, he never deviates from his goal. Sameer’s script is woven around a revenge story, but the weave is so clever and novel that the revenge part is hidden under some interesting layers.

Once Luke’s motives are revealed the film slows its pace a bit, with some scenes repeating; A tighter treatment can make it a more vibrant image. Midhun Mukundan’s music perfectly complements the moody atmosphere throughout the film. After Puju, Mammootty has again opted for an unusual script which gives him plenty of scope to act. But in the end, Bindu Panikkar, as Seetha, walks away with a lot of applause, playing her fierce role as a mother who goes to any lengths to save her sons and their name.

Rorschach An effective psychological thriller, it has its imperfections just like the test, but it’s an intriguing experience nonetheless.

Rorschach is currently playing in theaters.

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