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Rakhi Sawant Opens Up On How Netizens Called Her ‘Plastic’ Post Her Surgery Revelations

Rakhi Sawant often comes to light due to her public and social media appearances. Rakhi, also known as the controversial queen, has faced backlash from the people many times. She has faced a lot of criticism from netizens after undergoing plastic surgery. Rocky Sawant recently opened up about his verdict after admitting to having plastic surgery on national television.

Rakhi Sawant opens up about the setback she faced for her plastic surgeries

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Rakhi Sawant opened up about the setback she faced for her plastic and body enhancement surgeries. In 2007, Rakhi Sawant appeared on a popular interview show and revealed that she had undergone body enhancement and plastic surgeries to stay in the entertainment industry. As soon as the Main Hoon actor was revealed, she faced backlash from netizens, also known as Plastic. Rakhi told the news agency how she honestly invited many controversies about plastic surgeries.

She remembered how netizens called her plastic and revealing the truth became her punishment. Rakhi Sawant said how different models and actors are undergoing plastic surgery and do not invite any trouble. Rakhi revealed that she left her home at a young age and suffered from pain after implantation surgeries.

Rakhi Sawant gets candid about her career

When asked about her achievements in her career, Rakhi Sawant revealed that she wants to work in better web series and films. She also revealed how to improve herself to get a better job. She recently appeared in a music video called Dream Main Entry.

Rakhi Sawant Trivia

Rakhi Sawant enters the entertainment industry with the film Agnichakar. She later starred in several Bollywood films, including Dil Bole Hadippa !, and Buddha Mar Gaya. Rakhi Sawant has also performed in various songs in various movies. Rakhi Sawant songs include Pardesia, Dekhta Hai Tu Kya, Haye Ram, Chori Chori Chora Chori.

Details about Rakhi Sawant’s husband

Rakhi Sawant last appeared on the controversial reality show Colors TV. On the show, Rakhi claimed that she was married to a man named Ritesh. Rakhi Sawant recently appeared in public as Mastani from Bajirao Mastani and asked the media to help her meet her husband.

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