One family, one ticket; Twice for President: Sukhbir Singh Badal announced reforms in SAD

Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) President Sukhbir Singh Badal announced new reforms in the party on Friday, September 2, aimed at strengthening the party and giving more space to youth, women and other sections of society. . He said the party would establish its new organizational structure from top to bottom through an electoral system overseen by the newly formed Central Election Commission.

During a press conference, Badal said the party would focus on developing the next generation of leaders, allocating 50 percent of the seats in the upcoming assembly elections to party workers under the age of fifty.

He said that the party will henceforth follow the principle of one family, one ticket in elections and district leaders will not contest elections.

The SAD leader said the party would adhere to its fundamental principles, including the need for a true federal structure, and its continued insistence on the need for all sections of society and people of all faiths to conform to the principles of Guru Sahiban. For peace and religious harmony in the state. He also asserted that SAD, the oldest regional party with a history of 102 years of service to the poor, farmers and workers and ‘Banth’ and ‘Kum’, will continue to rise to serve. Regional aspirations of the people of Punjab.

Sukhbir Badal said there will be changes at the top decision-making level in the party’s core group as well. “The core committee will be restructured to include new generation members including youth, women and representatives from all sections of the society,” he said.

He announced that once the government is formed, at the district and state level, party workers will be given the post of president and family members of MPs and MLAs will not be considered for these posts. “The objective is to provide maximum opportunity to the workers and develop them as next generation leaders,” Badal said.

Giving details of the decisions taken after due consultation with party workers, leaders, intellectuals and well-wishers of the party, Badal said that the election for the new body would be completed by November 30 under the supervision of the Central Election Commission.

He said 117 observers would be appointed to monitor the entire exercise in all constituencies of the state. Focus will be on forming Booth Committees that will elect the Booth President. The latter will elect circle leaders who will elect district leaders,” he said.

Considering the focus on strengthening party structures, Sukhbir Badal announced that the YAD and SOI would be restructured and the Sikh Students Federation would be revived. He said the maximum age limit for YAD membership would be 35 years and the President would be given a five-year concession on the age limit. Similarly, he said that the upper age limit for SOI and SSF membership is thirty years and only students are admitted to these bodies.

Badal also announced that Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes will be given due representation in the party at all levels. He also announced the formation of an advisory committee comprising intellectuals and scholars from all walks of life who would advise the President on important issues.

He declared that henceforth all Sikh officials in the party would be ‘Sabad Surat’ and declared that the president of the party would be eligible for two terms of five years each, after which the incumbent would retire. A term. “This will lead to the induction of new leadership at the highest level,” he added.

The new changes include the setting up of a Parliamentary Board to look into ways and means of attracting top talent into the party and nominating the best candidates for assembly elections. Badal announced that a Disciplinary Board headed by Mr Sikandar Singh Maluka has already been formed and requested the party workers to raise their differences in the appropriate party forums and not to go to the media.

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