Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback !! And Tejas Gaikwad is the living example of it.

tejas gaikwad

Most people react strangely when a Marathi Mulga (Maharashtrian boy) in his early twenties start a business and that too in Diamond and Gemstone trading. He had very little knowledge in the field. But Tejas made up his mind and started a partnership firm in diamond trading business in 2013. The business was in full bloom until demonetisation in 2016, when the whole diamond business was suffering from the losses. Although with all the clear documentation and fair dealing in the business, he had to bear the huge loss. The amount was exceedingly large, that one could buy a decent house in Mumbai.

But as they say, self-belief is the key. He tried many businesses like Travel and Tourism and even MLM, a hard luck ! The Marathi Mulga stood against all odds and started developing himself to make his hobby as his career. He started bodybuilding! Practiced throughout the day to build his body and career. But destiny had something different for him. The huge financial loss and family pressure made him restless and he got injured while practicing. He was in the bed for three whole months due to Slip disc. The pain controlled his actions. Doctors suggested that he should leave his career. But Tejas was not ready for it the second time.

He chose to fight. He chose to prove himself. He chose to control the pain, not the vice-versa. He was in the gym again and he did it !!

Tejas is a certified gym trainer and practicing for the next bodybuilding and power-lifting competitions.
Here is a video of his training.
His coach Sandesh Ambekar was with him in his struggling days and Tejas Gaikwad is sure, that his coach will be by his side in his Blooming days too.

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