No tuna in Subway’s tuna sandwich? Fast food chain faces lawsuit over fraud claims

Fast-food chain Subway is facing a lawsuit alleging its tuna products contain chicken, pork and other meat, contrary to its advertised “100% tuna” claim.

Representative image of a Subway sandwich (Photo: Instagram/@subway)

US fastfood franchise Subway is facing a lawsuit and the possibility of paying damages to a customer accused of defrauding its tuna products. A federal judge has said it can sue the tunnel for allegedly using other fish species, chicken, pork and cattle instead of the advertised “100% tuna.”

Despite Subway’s protests, California Judge John Tigger partially denied its request to dismiss the case, giving Nilima Amin a chance to prove her allegations.

A class-action lawsuit was filed in January 2021. Amin said the test showed “repeatedly” that the tunnel created a tuna product without tuna fish. However, in June 2021, he changed his petition to focus on whether the tunnel served “100% sustainably caught skipjack and yellowfin tuna”.

His tests in UCLA’s Barber lab revealed that 19 of 20 samples had “no detectable tuna DNA sequences,” 20 contained chicken DNA, 11 pork DNA, and 7 cattle DNA.

However, Subway has repeatedly defended its tuna products on various online and offline platforms. According to Subway’s lawyers, traces of other ingredients (or DNA) found in its tuna products could be due to “cross-contamination from eggs in the making of sandwiches or in mayonnaise.”

Business Insider quoted a Subway spokesperson as saying: “We’re disappointed that the court felt it could not dismiss the plaintiffs’ reckless and improper lawsuit at this point. However, we’re confident that Subway will prevail when the court has a chance to consider all of the evidence.”

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