MP Local Elections: Congress enters BJP stronghold with Gwalior, Jabalpur mayoral seats.

As the counting of votes in the second phase of local body elections in Madhya Pradesh took place on Wednesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party claimed to have won more than 300 seats out of 347 urban local bodies. But despite the BJP claiming victory in the local body elections, the Congress party managed to make big inroads into BJP strongholds in Madhya Pradesh.

To begin with, the Congress has breached the BJP strongholds of Gwalior, Morena and Jabalpur when the mayoral elections come. Gwalior elected a Congress mayor for the first time in 50 years, while Jabalpur had a Congress mayor elected after 23 years. In Narendra Singh Tomar’s Lok Sabha constituency Morena, Congress’ Shraddha Solanki defeated BJP’s Meena Jadhav by a margin of 14,000 votes.

Also, the losses are significant as Gwalior is the stronghold of Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. The defeat at Scindia Fort in the Gwalior-Sambal region is seen as a result of the internal struggles of the saffron party. Jyotiraditya Scindia is said to have asked his aunt Maya Singh for a Gwalior ticket, which was rejected and instead given to a loyalist of Narendra Singh Tomar. Morena ticket was also given to candidate of Narendra Singh Tomar segment.

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The Congress party is celebrating the result of the local body elections, especially because of its victory in the 2018 assembly elections in the Gwalior-Sambal region.

However, the government did not last long and fell after Scindia and his supporters left the Congress and joined the BJP along with MLAs elected from the same region.

The Congress victory is doubly sweet, especially for Digvijay Singh, who harbors ambitions to elevate his son to leadership in the state.

Congress’s victory in Rewa has rekindled hopes of a comeback in the 2023 assembly polls.

The BJP won the Vindhya region in 2018 and succeeded in negating the gains made by the Congress in the Gwalior-Sambal region.

If the Congress revives in the Vindhya region and regains the Gwalior-Sambal region, it will spell tough times for Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the BJP.

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