Martin Scorsese’s glowing praise for G. Aravindan’s Kummatty sends film buffs into a tizzy

Malayalam movie buffs were surprised at the store on Monday late night by none other than legendary American filmmaker Martin Scorsese. His Instagram page featured a photo of a familiar oracle from a Malayalam movie four decades ago and a group of children surrounding him.

Mr. Scorsese has wonderful words to share about G. Aravindan spoiledIt was recently restored jointly by the Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project, a program created by Mr. Scorsese in 2007, the Film Heritage Foundation, and Italy’s Cineteca di Bologna.

spoiled An adaptation of a central Kerala folk tale featuring a partly mythical and partly real sorcerer named Kummatti. A sweet and engaging story and a visually stunning film, spoiled It’s a must-see, especially since it’s largely unavailable outside India,” wrote Mr. Scorsese, a maker of Hollywood classics. A raging bull, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York, The Wolf of Wall Street And Irishman.

A view from Kummatti.

A scene from spoiled.

The post, which has received 1.4 lakh likes and counting, is now flooded with comments from Malayali cine buffs thanking them for preserving a classic film from Kerala. Original print of spoiledHaving lost its rich color palette over the years, it has been restored to its original glory by an international restoration project.

Director of the Film Heritage Foundation, filmmaker Shivendra Singh Dungarpur, went to Kollam to meet K. Ravindranathan Nair of General Pictures, the producer of Aravindan’s five films. spoiled. He agreed to grant permission for the restoration and give the team access to prints from the National Film Archive of India (NFAI), which gave the lab two prints to check the elements.

A view from Kummatti.

A scene from spoiled.

“Arvindan’s films are at the top of the list, not only because he is a master, but also because I feel he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves and his films, sadly, are out of circulation. It breaks my heart. All the original camera negatives of his films are gone and all we have are prints, in excellent condition. I found out that there was not,” Mr. Dungarpur said after the renovation was completed last year.

    Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese | Photo credit: He passed

spoiled, winner of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 1979, tells the story of a Pied Piper-like character who materializes in a village one day, mingles with children and weaves a spell of reckless abandon. Enchants and turns children into animals. A boy named Chindan is transformed into a dog, but misses the moment when the other children turn back into human form, and Kummatti is forced to wait a year for the spell to reverse.

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