Mammootty-starrer ‘Rorschach’ is a thriller, says its director Nisam Basheer

Film director Neesam Basheer said that he will only talk about the genre Rorschach, a Mammootty starrer in theatres. “It is a psychological thriller. If we talk about the plot or the character, the suspense is lost,” he asserts. His reluctance to give even a single liner in the story is evident.

This is his second movie How much Malakha is Ketyola? Along with director Sameer Abdul, he provided the script for this film Iblis And Adventures of Omanakuttan. Sameer’s one-line story intrigued Nisam, and they worked on the script, developing and refining it for nearly two years. After they finished the script, Neesam felt that a veteran would be best for the role of Luke Antony, the protagonist with shades of grey.

When Mammootty heard the story, he thought it was game and agreed to come as a producer as well. “That was eight months before we started shooting the film. We have made minor changes during this period,” he said.

Mammootty, Neesam Basheer on Rorschach sets

Mammootty and Neesam Basheer on the sets Rorschach

Nisam asserted that the mega star was a sport on the sets and never acted like the star or producer of the film. “He is an artiste and has always taken care to put us at ease. He is the person who has his finger on the pulse of the director and the crew. So that moment, we are anxious about something, he goes out of his way to ease the situation,” says the director.

Nisam says it’s a film to be watched carefully, because “even if one scene is missed, the viewer may fail to catch a crucial link.”

“The story is set in a rural setting where an outsider comes to live. His arrival acts as a catalyst, resulting in changes in the village, the villagers and the visitors. He was there on a mission and after it was accomplished he would leave, Nisam explained.

That Rorschach It is evident from the title of the movie that the Rorschach is a psychological test used to assess a person’s personality traits from his/her interpretation of the inkblot and therefore involves a mind game.

My name is Bashir

Nisam Bashir | Photo credit: SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Nisam believes that each person’s interpretation of the Rorschach test is different. It also reveals their emotional and personality traits. “There are about five main characters in the film, all of whom have different dominant personality traits. How the viewer judges their actions (right or wrong) also depends on the character of the viewer. Take, for example, Mammukka’s character Luke Antony. His actions and decisions can be seen either negatively or positively depending on the attitude of the viewer,” Nisam said.

As the popular actor is riding a wave of success with two interesting films behind him – Blockbuster Bhishma Parvam And PujuDoes the expectations of Mammootty’s film scare him?

“We know that expectations are sky high for any film starring an actor. But I believe there will be an interesting film that will impress the audience,” said the director.

Shot in Athirapalli, a suburb of Kochi, the film features Jagdish, Sharafuddin, Grace Antony, Bindu Panicker and Kottayam Nazir.

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