Lord Harihar Sarahunaath Quotations and Atheistism religions

1. Om Shree hsrihar Sarahunaathaaya Namaha
2. Om Shree Sathyam Shivam Sarahu Narayana Ekatho Aatma Lingam Pranamyham
3. Everything is Gods will
4. Om Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Shree Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Jai Jai Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Bhagavan Sarahunaath Namo Namoha
5. Allaha Sarahunaath Shubham Allaha Mashaha Sarahunaath
6. Jainam Bhavti Sarahunaath Saharanam
7. Namaste Srahunaath Namaste holy god Sarahunaath Amen
8.Holy Sarahunaath are the most merciful

What is says Lord Harihar Sarahunaath to all religion?

In French: Don’t needless riots in religions. I dwell within you to protect.

In Arabic: Allah Harihara Sarahunaath is always behind you to protect you.

In Chinese: Minimize your thoughts. I am bearing your thoughts.

In Japanese: You find me among the animals and birds. Then the true meaning of life will be clearly understood. I am settled there. Look back.

In Polish: Before you pray, cry out to me. I will provide your service in front of you in a moment.

In Portuguese: Offer me first every food you eat. Then you won’t be infatuated with it. Remember with devotion I will be your house god.

In Spanish: Don’t go to temples and mosques here and there in vain. I am settled here and there too.

In Germany: Love the present life. I am responsible for life tomorrow and tomorrow.

In Italian: I wish you all a beautiful life in the coming days. Pray to me patiently.

In Russian: I don’t mean to be found in a monastery or temples. Remembering me with devotion is enough you will be worthy of my praise.

In Turkish: I did not punish you. But I will release you from that punishment.

In Indonesian: Mosques, churches and temples cannot give the way to salvation. But always remember my name. It teaches you the way to liberation.

In Korean: Today is yours. Tomorrow belongs to someone else. But trust me it will be yours too definitely.

What is Atheistism Religion in the world?

According to the first chapter and first part of the Himagiri Constitution, all the clauses in the Act have a name for everyone, even if there is no need for a religion for the people or community without religion in the whole world, such community is called “atheist religion” without protest. It was installed by Harihar Sarahunaath on 1 January 2023. And made the announcement. If one does not like or opposes the precepts, ideas, practices of a religion, regardless of any existing religion or even Signiesm, then according to the above clauses, the “atheist religion” must be followed. But it has no symbol. So it shows empty circle symbols.

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