Lola Tung on Her Acting Debut With ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’: It’s A Bunch of Overwhelming Emotions

The Summer I Turned Pretty, based on Jenny Hahn’s book of the same name, received good responses from the audience. The series comes from the same writer who brought up All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and introduces debutant Lola Tung as Belly as the lead. In a candid chat with, the writer and the actress joined, the former explaining how the series differs from the book, while the latter talked about the experience of her first acting gig.

Talking about how the book and the series are different, Jenny said, “I think there are some new characters and you get to spend some time with characters that you don’t see as much in the book. In the book Steven goes to college but here we have him all summer. So those are big changes. “

The series revolves around teenager Belle and her life with her brother Steven and their two best friends Conrad and Jeremiah. Every summer, Belle visits Cousins ​​Beach with her mother and brother to spend time with her mother’s best friend, Susanna, and her two sons. Lola shares that she feels a mixture of nervousness and anxiety thinking about the audience’s response to her debut project.

She shared, “I think it’s a mixture of nervousness and anxiety and excitement. Like a bunch of overwhelming emotions and there’s always those nerves about what people are going to think about your character and your work and how people will feel. And I’m very proud of everything we’ve done and I’m very happy to be a part of this project. So it’s wonderful. “

The series also sees her embroiled in a love triangle with her two brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. Talking about how similar she is to Belly, Lola said, “I think we’re definitely not the same person, we have differences but we’re similar in a lot of ways. I related to her a lot as a teenager but I was a few years older than her so I had more life experience. But I can definitely relate to the feeling she felt at 16 and the overwhelming emotions you go through. You feel like everything is so big and so important that it affects the rest of your life so it’s great to play Belly and revisit that point. in my life.”

Meanwhile, author Jenny said she is not worried about the success of her previous book as these are two separate stories. When asked about the success of her previous venture, she shared, “I’m not scared because I think it’s two different stories and I think the feeling that the original fans will be happy with the story we told is very important to me. Everything that comes to that is just icing on the cake, but I think I want to create something new, with new people and tell a story the way we’re doing it.

Even before the series’ release, it was renewed for a second season. The Summer I Became Beautiful is now airing Amazon Prime Video.

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