Kevin Spacey faces New York jury in sexual assault lawsuit

Kevin Spacey is facing a jury in a New York City courtroom in a civil trial alleging he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old actor in the 1980s when he was 26.

Kevin Spacey is facing a jury in a New York City courtroom in a civil trial alleging he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old actor in the 1980s when he was 26.

Kevin Spacey’s lawyer told a jury on Oct. 6, 2022, that the sexual misconduct charge derailed his theatrical career stemming from a young actor’s inability to tell the difference between real life and the scene he plays eight times a week on Broadway.

Jurors heard opening statements in a New York court in what will likely be a two-week trial. Sued by Anthony RappIn 2017 he became the first in a string of people to publicly accuse the “House of Cards” star of inappropriate touching or sexual advances.

The lawsuit stems from an encounter between the two men in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old winning acclaim for a role in the play “Precious Sons” and 26-year-old Spacey was having his own breakout moment on Broadway. Co-star of “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”.

Rapp said the older actor invited her to a party at his Manhattan apartment and tried to seduce her in the bedroom after the other guests had left.

In interviews and the lawsuit, he swept a drunken, swaying Spacey into his arms, like a groom carrying a bride, laid him on a bed and climbed on top of him. Rapp says he quickly left in a huff, after which both actors have been silent about what happened for three decades as they watched their careers take off.

In her opening statement to the jury, Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keller, said the incident described by Rapp bore a close resemblance to a scene in “Precious Sons.” In the scene, an intoxicated father, played by Ed Harris, steps on his son, played by Rapp, mistaking him for his wife. In another scene, Harris lifts Rapp into his arms.

“How did Mr. Rapp come up with such an inventive and original story?” Keller asked the jury. “Eight times each week, actor Ed Harris picks up Mr. Rapp like a groom picks up a bride.”

“What did Mr. Rapp claim? Mr. Spacey gets drunk and falls on him. No kissing. No grounding. Not touching his genitals. No request to touch his genitals. There’s nothing like a play,” she said.

Rapp’s lawyer, Peter Sagir, said the encounter between the actors was real and that Spacey tried to “satisfy his sexual desire” by pressing his pelvis into Rapp’s hip while they were in bed.

“It was a deliberate move,” he said. “It’s not horseplay.”

When Rapp tells his story Buzzfeed When the #MeToo movement began to grip Hollywood in 2017, he drew parallels with the scene. Precious sonsPerhaps he was initially able to put aside the trauma of his encounter with Spacey because he was “weirdly used to the action, because it was happening in the play.”

Spacey said he had no recollection of the incident at the time. “But if I had behaved as he described, I would have to apologize to him for grossly inappropriate drunken behaviour,” he said.

Since then, Spacey’s legal team has said the allegation is false. They said Rapp never attended the party. Even if it happened as Rapp described, they argued, it would not constitute sexual advances.

Rapp seeks compensation for mental and emotional distress, medical expenses and loss of work.

Keller said Spacey is waiting to testify at the trial.

“He wants justice,” she said. “After you hear both sides, you will believe that this alleged assault never happened.”

The trial comes at a difficult time for Spacey, now 63.

Three months ago, he pleaded not guilty in London to charges of sexually assaulting three men between 2004 and 2015 while he was artistic director of the Old Vic theatre.

A judge in Los Angeles this summer upheld an arbitrator’s decision to order Spacey to pay $30.9 million to the producers. Peka Medalu For breaching his contract by sexually harassing staff.

Those setbacks brought some success to Spacey, who is recently back in movies.

In 2019, prosecutors in Massachusetts filed indecent assault and battery charges after a man said Spacey groped him at a Nantucket bar. Spacey has pleaded not guilty. His accuser also withdrew a civil suit.

Spacey won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role American BeautyA 1999 film in which he played a frustrated suburban father who longs for his teenage daughter’s best friend.

Acted in movies including rap, teenager Adventures in Babysittingwas part of the original Broadway cast of rentAnd now it’s normal Star Trek: Discovery In the telescope. Testimony is also to be given in the trial.

Other witnesses include a psychologist who believes Rapp suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of an encounter with Spacey.

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