‘I want to do more Malayalam films’, says actor Harish Uthaman

The actor, who has shown his mettle in Tamil and Telugu films, wants to do more films in Malayalam

The actor, who has shown his mettle in Tamil and Telugu films, wants to do more films in Malayalam

In the last 12 years as an actor, Harish Uttaman has only acted in a few Malayalam films, the last one. Bhishma Parvam. such as This is the letter, his next film is all set to release, “I want to act in Malayalam films!” Hope you don’t have to play cop in them. With good reason too. in Bhishma Parvam He is a policeman, Martin, and in This is the letter A lot.

He was not interested in taking it This is the letter It becomes another police character when he listens. But director Sudhish Ramachandran and protagonist Ranjith Unni changed their minds after hearing the words. “I really liked the story. I knew it was a role I couldn’t miss. It’s a solid character that doesn’t often come across one’s way. Usually what is said is very different from what translates on screen, but in this case, what was said to me was what was in the movie.

Harish is a familiar face in the Tamil and Telugu film industry, having made his debut with the 2010 Tamil film. Th. The actor, whose parents hail from Thalassery in Kerala, was born and brought up in Coimbatore, hence the Tamil Nadu connection. He left a lucrative job as a cabin crew in an international airline to become an actor with the encouragement of his family.

“I didn’t want to quit my job and take the risk. But my siblings encouraged me and told me to give it a shot,” says Harish, who admits that he hasn’t seen all the popular ‘classics’ of Malayalam cinema. Th After three years out of work, he calls it a ‘learning period’, both as a person and as an actor. Once calling himself an ‘accidental actor’, he now believes that destiny brought him into films.

A reward at its end Gouravam (2013), a Tamil-Telugu bilingual film produced by actor Prakash Raj and directed by Radha Mohan. Next image, On Pandya, A game changer, there’s been no looking back since. Prithviraj starrer movie Mumbai Police It came out that year.

There is no language barrier

Harish dubs his movies in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, language was not a problem. He said that he has learned Telugu and is now proficient in it. Only two Telugu films in which he acted were dubbed by others. “I can’t act if I don’t understand the language,” he says, adding that the reason he doesn’t take up projects is because he’s not fluent in Kannada. Now he is learning Kannada.

By 2018, he was busy working on back-to-back films and realized that he was getting typecast. Most of the characters that come his way are negative or police, then he decides to slow down. He has done very few movies since 2019. He has appeared in two Tamil OTT series — Topless (ZEE5) and Sujal – The Vortex (Amazon Prime) — He’s set to appear next year. One of his Tamil releases this year Vikram, CaptainAnd corpse

His other Malayalam films Kalki, Balan Vakil in the presence of daughter-in-lawAnd Mayana’s. “I haven’t done many Malayalam films for purely practical reasons. “Every time I get an offer, the dates clash with my projects in Tamil or Telugu,” says Harish. Bhishma Parvam One of them, his take on Martin, was noticed. He was bound Bilal But it was stopped before the pandemic. Bhishma Parvam Instead director Amal wanted him for the role of Neerad Martin.

He had to give up good films and ‘solid roles’ due to date conflicts, but he has no regrets, “The roles I wanted to do came my way. I hope I can do more [Malayalam] Movies!”

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