How wearing aligners might affect your daily lifestyle

With advances in the science of orthodontics, people have more ways to align their teeth. If you are looking for treatments to align your teeth, you may be suggested the option of going for clear aligners. Teeth aligners have gained popularity over the past two decades as an option for straightening or straightening your teeth.

Instead of going for metal braces, which seems like a daunting option, you now have the option of opting for teeth aligners. According to Healthline, this option is generally recommended for patients to treat some mild to moderate bite problems, including problems such as crowding and spacing. However, like any treatment, wearing aligners can affect your daily lifestyle.

Let’s take a look at the number of ways that wearing aligners can affect you:

Change your bite

According to Impression Smile, straightening the alignment of the teeth will inevitably change the way the teeth touch each other. By the end of treatment, most bites should be back where they should be, which may be different from where they were before.

Minor pain or discomfort

One of the most common changes a person experiences while wearing aligners is mild to moderate pain and discomfort. Impression Smile reports that anyone should take their aligners as a sign that they’re doing their job. A slight pain in the mouth is a result of the gradual movement of the teeth into perfect alignment. Even if it doesn’t feel good, the discomfort or pain should go away within a day or two.

dry mouth

It is said that if there is something new in the mouth throughout the day, it becomes dry. So to fight against dryness inside the mouth, the best solution is to drink plenty of cold water throughout the day.

Loose teeth

Although it may scare you at first, loose teeth are actually a sign that your treatment is working properly and should not be a cause for concern. After the orthodontic realignment procedure is complete and you stop wearing your aligners, the teeth may feel loose.

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