How Might Breathing Assist in Weight Loss?

In addition to reducing stress, proper breathing can reduce food cravings, emotional eating, and weight gain. One study also found that 45 minutes of deep breathing three times a week significantly reduced body weight and body mass index (BMI) when compared to a control group.

Here are some breathing exercises to lose that extra fat!

1. Practicing deep breathing has many health benefits

long breath
long breath

Deep breathing exercises and meditation not only calm and soothe your mind, but also greatly improve your health. Your focus and stress levels increase when you practice mindfulness, commonly known as breathing. Along with these breathing techniques, you can use them to lose weight. Incorporate breathing techniques into your training routine along with calisthenics and pilates.

If you lose weight calmly and calmly, your weight loss journey will become very rich and fascinating. Both your physical and mental well-being will improve as a result of this process.

Read on to learn more about these surprising breathing movements:

2. Kapalbhati


Kapalbhati is an excellent breathing technique that keeps you from gaining weight and helps in complex weight loss.

How to execute- Your back and neck should be in alignment as you fold your legs in a seated position on the yoga mat. Place your palms on your knees and gently close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and let it out quickly. As you breathe in you will feel an inward abdominal movement. Keep doing this for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Bhastrika


Bhastrika breathing exercises give you more energy and speed up your metabolism, which helps you burn calories faster.

How to Perform: Sit comfortably with a straight back and neck to perform Bhastrika Pranayama. Close your eyes and relax your stomach muscles. Placing your palms on your knees, start inhaling and exhaling quickly and deeply. Make sure your breathing is rhythmic and you don’t take more than a second to inhale and exhale. You should feel your diaphragm expand and contract with your breaths as you do this. Spend five to ten minutes completing this method.

4. Brumary


This type of exercise increases your metabolism, increases your oxygen intake, and regulates hormone secretion levels in your body.

How to do it: Find a quiet, peaceful place, then sit in Padmasana with your back straight and shoulders spread. Gently close your eyes and use your thumbs to rest your palms. Your hands should be in a position where your index fingers directly contact your forehead above your eyebrows. Your closed eyes should be covered by your middle and ring fingers. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. Imitate the buzzing sound while exhaling with your mouth closed. Your fingers should feel the vibrations of the sound. Once you’ve done this, place your fingertips gently on your knees. Repeat

5. Nerve search

Mine is a search
Mine is a search

This action balances the two channels of the body and removes pollutants. The cells take in oxygen, which rejuvenates the body system and causes weight loss.

How to do it: Sit comfortably with your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. Place your left hand on your knee in chin mudra. Place the middle of your right hand and the tips of your index fingers between your eyebrows. Your thumb should be on your right nostril and your ring and little fingers should be on your left. Breathe comfortably through your left nostril while lightly closing your right nostril with your thumb. Inhale through your left nostril, then exhale through the right. Do at least nine repetitions of this exercise while taking slow, deep breaths.

6. Diaphragmatic breathing

As you complete this exercise, take short, shallow breaths to help your body’s cells absorb more oxygen and eliminate toxins.

How to do it: Lie on your yoga mat and pay attention to the slow up and down movements of your stomach. It helps in reducing belly fat and toning the abdominal area. Additionally, it helps with regular bowel movements and muscle relaxation.

7. Mouth breathing

Breathing through your mouth not only rejuvenates you, but also reduces your excess belly fat. Your abdominal muscles will feel a force when you do this exercise. This exercise tones your face, giving your chin and cheeks a more polished look.

As you do this breathing exercise, open your mouth and start breathing in for a count of ten. Make sure you breathe out slower than you inhale. This exercise can be done three times a day for a total of 10 minutes each time.

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