Harihara Sarahunaath’s Why idol worship came and how was the earth formed?

Lord Harihara Sarahunaath also knows as Mruthyunjaya, Koteshwara, Bholenaath, Mahadeva, Balaaji, shree Hari popular in the universe. If any angels, any goddess, or Ganas are to be created in this universe, they are first created from the hair of Hari Sarahunaath’s head. Later they will come to campaign from there. But only Gangadevi, Parvati Devi, Nagadevata and Vishnu reside in Jata, chest, neck and abdomen of Harihar Sarahunaath respectively. Whatever energy it has in the entire universe, it first goes out from the hair of Harihar Sarahunaath’s head. It may have been a divine power or an evil power. Because Harihara Sarahunaath is the creator of the entire universe.
When creatures were born on earth? It has been 460 million years since our earth was born. Even 200 million years after the birth of the earth, the earth did not have any kind of biomass. At that time only volcanoes, terrible torrents were constantly happening on the earth. Millions of years of rain created the oceans. In the water of this ocean, due to the energy of the lightning, the non-living chemical substances in the atmosphere took the form of life. The organisms that lived 200 million years ago consumed the carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere at that time and lived. However, we cannot see the fossils of those micro-organisms properly today. Aquatic organisms, which evolved from those microbes, have left their fossils well in the layers of the earth 57 million years ago. The period of the first living things 57 million years ago is called the Cambrian period, and the period before this is called the Precambrian period. The journey of our being started from the Cambrian era, Ordovician era, Silurian era, Ionian era, Cockerboviferous era, Fermian era, Triassic era, Jurassic era, Cretaceous era, Tertiary era and the present modern era and it stops here.
From this it is now clear how primitive organisms evolved on Earth. The Pre-Cambrian Era is again divided into two parts, the Archaeozoic Era and the Proterozoic Era. It means Adi Jivakalpa and Uttara Jivakalpa. (That means source of beings, and north source beings) Even so, there is no mistake in leaving out the news of the beings of this Adi Jivakalpa and Uttara Jivakalpa. This is because the organisms of that time were microscopic protozoa and mollusks. All these were just in ocean water. Even their fossils are not found properly today. The later Cambrian era became very important. Today it started 57 crore years ago. This is called the Paleozoic Era. Because from here man can see the fossils of living things. The earliest fossils were aquatic organisms. Conch, shells, mollusks, sponges were the only living things then. This continued until the Ordovician era, 51 million years ago, and the Silurian era, 44 million years ago. During all these ages the living beings were in the ocean water. Leaving the ocean, The Diphonian Era began 41 million years ago today. The fish then appeared. Then some of them became amphibians. They practiced the art of living in both water and land. It was from them that the reptilian lineage started. Now the case is that among fishes there are fishes; So is creation. Although this reptile lineage began in the Diponian era 41 million years ago, it flourished during the Carboniferous era 35 million years ago and the Permian era 25 million years ago. Because during the Carboniferous era, the earth was covered with plants. Even during the Triassic era, the Jeri species ate plants and grew to massive, massive sizes as reptilian monsters. The entire Jurassic era, 20 million years ago, and the Cretaceous era, 14 million years ago, were the time of these monsters. Most of these were herbivores.
However, there were also carnivores that devoured these herbivores. Like a Bombadi fish, a Tharle fish, (that means different fishes) and etc. These monsters ruled the entire earth as single emperors till the Tertiary Era which was 605 million years ago. Some of these turned into birds. That means dragons, etc. This means that the ancestor of today’s birds is this reptilian lineage. But the size of the birds at that time was enormous. They had wingspans of up to 40, 60. Those wings were made of skin like those of bats. They are dragons and etc. Also, in their mouths there was a row of teeth of a giant saw-gin. They were well met with monsters whose bodies swelled up to 80 tons. In the kingdom of such giants, the father of all mammals was incarnated along with humans. This ancestor mammal was like today’s rat. And it was as big as the bandicoot. This mammal of that time is called Tarsier. Incarnated in the Cretaceous era 15.5 million years ago, these mammals flourished in the Tertiary era 6.5 million years ago. The reason is that in the last Cretaceous period before this era, the monsters became completely extinct for some reason. A comet or a huge meteorite hit the earth and started the destruction of these monsters. It was only after they left the earth that the ancestral tarsier monkey grew and gave rise to the lineage of primates. 1.6 million Years ago today, humans emerged in such a mammalian lineage. This is the stage of life evolution; Life on this earth was not made possible by the hand of natural selection.
But almighty Lord harihara Sarahunaath was responsible for this. This is also accepted by modern science. When Harihara Sarhunath took human form from the monkey, when emotionally connected with the human being, he assumed human form, “You should not look for me here and there. You should observe me carefully. I have no form. When you are emotionally connected with me, I am giving darshan in human form like you. See me in the idol from now on. Then your mind will connect directly with Me. Confusions will be removed. Identify a name for Me. Worship Me by that name; call me and I will help you. I will make progress in your original unbroken world. Without idol worship you will not get my identity. If your mind needs to be tamed, my form will be in you emotionally. You have to be connected. Only then will your mind be restrained” he enabled idol worship.

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