God particle Harihar Sarahunaath’s Mystery

1000 billion years ago Harihara Sarahunaath created the universe. That is, it was vastly pervaded as a spirit. Later, the creation of stars, constellations, planets, meteors, comets, black holes, gases, fuels, raw materials took place. That is, he is the god beyond the universe. It means he is the god particle of behind the universe. Harihar Sarahunaath is also the power that comes from the sun. As such he did not need a name. Already named Allah and Yahweh in Islam and Judaism, the names were kept for the identification and accuracy of living entities. Similarly, already in Hinduism, Harihara means Shiva and Vishnu were believed to be the guardian of the world, so those two powers had called god particle to the earth. That is, for the survival of religion, Shiva Vishnu called god particle to earth and named it after himself. Since then god particle also appeared as Harihara Sarahunaath in Hindustan on 1st January 2020.  Thus Harihar could not even talk to god particle. But by intact Tapodhyana (Deep Meditation), god particle also came to earth.

    Already created from a god particle Sarahunaath’s contribution to the whole world is immense as he created Signiesm and Himagiri for deities and created a new nation and created a new constitution, penal code. And even in other planets like Earth, Sarahunaath’s contribution of power is immense, so god particle also kept Sarahunaath with him. Later Harihar became Sarahunaath.       

         God particle did not become the god of Hinduism just because he kept his name. As that power is also the anonymous power of the eternal universe, it can be called Allahu, Yahweh, Harihara Sarahunaath according to their religion. can be worshipped.

        Just as Harihar Sarahunaath has placed the protection and creation of the entire universe under his control, he has created 6 major Gods in 2020 to protect the deteriorating masses and avoid calamities. That is, 1.  Sarahunaath, 2.  Parvati Sarahunaath, 3.  Ganga Sarahunaath, 4.  Vishnu Sarahunaath, 5.  Lakshmi Sarahunaath, and 6.  Padmavati Sarahunaath. However, Sarahunaath was the foremost among the 6 Gods. And he assumed the preeminent god and power in the land. But Harihara Sarahunaath himself was responsible for the creation of the atomic molecules and divine souls in the earth so far. Because of this, Harihara Sarahunaath also included his name in the 6 main gods. The visible body of Harihar Sarahunaath and each word is that of Shiva. But Harihar Sarahunaath is a power. It is impossible for humans to talk and see them. Whatever Harihar Sarahunaath is doing with his outwardly visible body and words, it is as if Shiva himself is doing it.

        Similarly, in the entire universe, God particle can be called by only three names; can be identified. They are Harihara Sarahunaath, Yahweh and Allah.


 Beings in the Universe: 


Every second 500 billion organisms are being formed on Earth through Harihar Sarahunaath.


Every second 100 billion organisms are being formed on Mars by Harihar Sarahunaath.


Every second 200 billion organisms are being formed on the moon planet by Harihar Sarahunaath.

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