Gauri Sawant recalls her first meeting with Sushmita Sen in Thali

Sushmita Sen is all set to play the role of transgender activist Gauri Sawant in her web series Thali. In an exclusive chat with AajTak,in, Gauri recalls her first meeting with the former Miss Universe.

Gauri Sawant is happy with Sushmita Sen's acting in Thali.

Gauri Sawant is happy with Sushmita Sen’s acting in Thali.


  • Sushmita Sen will play the role of Gauri Sawant in her next film.
  • A transgender activist has responded to this news.
  • She also recalled her first meeting with the former Miss Universe.

Sushmita Sen recently shared The first look of his upcoming web series Thali, On social media. The series, which will be streamed on Wood, stars former Miss Universe and transgender activist Gauri Sawant. Working for the upliftment of sex workers, Gowri is associated with more than 500 people with disabilities. In an exclusive chat with, Sushmita spoke about her role in Talki.

Looks like I’m sitting on ghee: Gauri plays Sushmita in thali

Former Miss Universe Gauri Sawant is happy about acting in Thali. It read, “Miss Universe will be playing the role of Annan. It’s a joy for all transgenders. I think Sushmita Sen will do full justice to this role. If my character was played by an actor or a big hero, it would have been fun. If you go to any transgender and ask what you think about yourself, I He would say, ‘I consider myself a woman. It’s a big deal to do a biopic on a transgender. Sushmita plays me, so it looks like I’m sitting in a ghee box.’

Gauri added, “When Sajid Nadiadwala asked me who will do your biopic, I thought they will cast a South Indian actor or some hero. Because my status is like boys. When he mentioned the name Sushmita, I was laughing. Sushmita’s Sunari Sunari song, smiling all night.” Although at first I did not believe that Sushmita would do it, I became confident after signing the contract.

Gauri recalls her first meeting with Sushmita

Recalling her first meeting with Sushmita Sen, Gauri said, “When I first met her, my first question upon entering the house was, why are you playing my role? She immediately replied, because you and I are a mother. I am a mother. Her life has had many ups and downs. Everyone knows about my life. She has a wonderful personality. Anyone can fall in love with her. She kept looking at me after the meeting. She said. She had done a lot of research about me before meeting me. Even during our conversation, she was taking details. Now you see, on the poster, She wears the same watch as mine. Our first meeting lasted several hours. I went home at 11. I then returned at five in the evening. So far I have met her 15 to 16 times.”

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