Former TMC leader says Partha Chatterjee knows about corruption in education sector, did not take any action | Exclusive

A former president of TMC’s professorial wing told India Today that Partha Chatterjee was aware of the corrupt practices in the education sector but did not take any steps to control them.

Partha Chatterjee was the Education Minister of West Bengal from 2016 to 2021. (file image)

In an exclusive interview to India Today, former general secretary of the West Bengal College and University Professors’ Union (WBCUPA) Baisaki Banerjee said that Partha Chatterjee knew there was massive corruption in the education sector but did not take action.

He said that he had flagged several cases where people in the education ministry took money but Chatterjee did not take any action against them. “Partha Chatterjee is a vindictive man,” Baisaki added.

Baisakhi added that Partha Chatterjee had signed an agreement with the governor who was the chancellor when he was the education minister. Partha Chatterjee ensured that her corrupt activities were not stopped as long as the Governor was the Principal, Baisaki said.

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Baisakhi recounted an incident in 2017 when Partha Chatterjee asked her to appoint a woman to Calcutta University’s Urdu department. “She didn’t have any job application and no job posting was available at that time, but she asked me to produce a document with a back date. She told me that Raj Bhavan will be under control if I do that,” Baisaki said.

Kesari Nath Tripathi was the Governor of West Bengal when the incident took place.

Chatterjee opposed Mamata Banerjee becoming chancellor of state universities

Baisaki also said that Partha Chatterjee did not want Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to become the chancellor of state-run universities. Am I crazy to allow Mamata Banerjee as President?” Baisaki Banerjee quoted Chatterjee as saying.

According to Baisakhi, suspended minister Partha Chatterjee was against the idea as it would jeopardize her position.

Who is Baisaki Banerjee?

Baisaki Banerjee was the general secretary of TMC’s professorial cell known as the West Bengal College and University Professors Association (WBCUPA). He was the general secretary of the association from late 2016 to 2017. He was also in TMC before joining BJP in 2019. In 2021, he quit the BJP as well.

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