Five Water Sports You Can Do in Andaman And Nicobar Islands

If you love beach vacations along with lots of water sports, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the right choice for you.

These islands have amazing beaches and many options of water sports adventures. The Andaman Nicobar archipelago consists of 572 islands, only 36 islands and only a select few are accessible to travelers. With excellent beaches and diving options, Havelock is a popular destination

Here is a list of adventure activities you can do once in Andaman:

Sea walk

If you want to dive into the sea and walk among the marine life that inhabits the place, sea walking is a great option. You can enjoy walking along the sea floor surrounded by live corals. This activity is especially recommended for those who do not like to swim constantly.

Glass bottom boats

Get a glimpse of what really goes on underwater without getting wet in an Andaman Dolphin glass-bottom boat. According to Eternal Andaman, a boat ride is one of the most unique experiences on the island, allowing you to view and explore the rich corals and marine life around Port Blair from the comfort of your cabin.


Kayaking is the best way to explore the lagoons of the Andaman Islands, shaded by dense forests and mangroves, along with birds and animals. Get together with your friends and family to make this experience relaxing and fun.

Fear of the pig

This novel water sport can be enjoyed in Andaman. The SeaKart is built like a go-kart, hence the name. The activity involves the guest self-driving a seacart under the guidance of a licensed instructor on a long-distance route along the coast of Port Blair.


Better than swimming and more affordable than scuba diving, snorkeling is a sport that takes you to the breathtaking underwater world without the need for any complicated setup or equipment.

Which of these fun activities are you going to try on your trip?

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