Facing anxiety or insomnia? Sleep with your pet to avoid such problems

Having a pet can bring immense happiness to the owner and family members. Millions of people around the world enjoy their companionship and often take their pets for walks, play with them and even talk to them. Many times people sleep with their pets on their beds or sofas. Even if it’s done out of love, did you know that sleeping with your pet has a variety of mental health benefits? Yes, you read that right!

1. Deep sleep

According to various studies, sharing your bed with your pet can help you relax and increase the flow of oxytocin, which has a significant effect on how deeply you sleep. Sleeping with your dog stimulates brain waves and synchronizes your heart rate, allowing you to enter REM, the deepest stage of sleep.

2. Reduces depression

Spending a few minutes each day with your pet can increase the ‘feel-good’ depression-fighting hormone serotonin, researchers suggest. A good bond with your pet also increases the flow of the love chemical (oxytocin).

3. It increases your sense of security

A study conducted by Taylor & Francis Online found that sleeping with a pet improves sleep quality for women. Owning a dog or cat gives pet owners a sense of purpose and security, which can be beneficial in dealing with mental health issues.

4. It reduces stress

According to a survey by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, 74% of pet owners claim that their mental health has improved as a result of contact with their pets. Furthermore, the report states that highly stressed dog parents visit their doctors 21% less often than non-dog parents.

5. Cures insomnia

It also reduces anxiety and stress and contributes to a healthy mood and sleep environment. Dr. Neha Dutt, Counseling Psychologist also highlighted the above points. She says pet owners are less likely to want sleeping pills.

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