Explore The Lesser Known Gem Of Arunachal Pradesh, The Namdapha National Park

There is nothing that tourists cannot find in the Northeast. The region has a little bit of everything from adventure to heritage. Some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India are located in the Northeast. Namdapha in Arunachal Pradesh offers the best flora and fauna. It is the only national park India Four species of big cats – tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard – have been spotted here.

Namdapha National Park is located in Changlong district of Arunachal Pradesh. The vast tropical rainforest of this national park lies between the misty hills and the Nova-Dihing River, just a few kilometers from Miao. Namdapha was established as a national park in 1983 and is designated as a tiger reserve.

The fourth largest national park in India, Namdapha is home to more than 1400 different species of animals and plants. Undoubtedly a biodiversity hotspot, Namdapha National Park is home to India’s only monkey species, the Hoolock Gibbon.

Due to the sensitive nature of the region and its proximity to the Indo-Myanmar-China tri-border region, tourists must have valid travel documents issued by the state and central governments.

While visiting this national park one can indulge in a variety of activities like wildlife viewing, visiting the Miao Museum, going on an elephant safari and engaging in challenging activities like hiking.

Namdapha is ideal for camping enthusiasts as it is the only national park in the country that allows camping in the forest. This park is highly sought after by bird watchers from all over the world. Much of it being impassable has helped to preserve the pristine condition of Namdapha in its natural state.

To stop encroachments, a major source of concern, Namdapha National Park authorities have recently strengthened surveillance systems.

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