Expert Recommends Getting Tested If One Suffers From Respiratory Problem To Identify Covid-19 Or Seasonal Flu

Amid the rise in Covid-19 cases across Delhi, the national capital has also seen a rise in seasonal flu cases recently. Along with seasonal flu, cases of dengue and chikungunya have also increased rapidly in the city due to the rainy season. In the last 24 hours, the metropolitan city reported 1,652 new active cases and eight deaths. Seasonal flu and Covid-19 share similar symptoms, which confuses many people. However, this concern was recently addressed by Dr Vini Kantru, a pulmonologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.

Dr Cantrew, speaking to News Nine, noted that many patients dismiss fever, cough and colds as seasonal flu. She recommends that the best way to take precautionary measures is to get tested for Covid-19 as the symptoms of the seasonal flu are almost identical to those of the coronavirus. Both diseases are upper respiratory tract infections and people with comorbidities are at increased risk for both diseases, Dr. Kantru said.

In comparison, the impact and spread of vector-borne monsoon fever and Covid-19 are completely different. However, there are some similarities in the symptoms of the two illnesses. Monsoon diseases include signs of high fever, fatigue and joint and muscle pain, which are also the same indications for Covid-19. Both covid and cold are respiratory diseases which include sore throat, cough, fever, body ache and more.

Amid the rising number of Covid-19 cases, health experts have urged people to take precautions and get tested if they have any symptoms. Dr. Cantrew stated that since Covid-19 comes in clusters, it can also be identified. “So, if you are Covid-19 positive, it is expected that many family members or people around you will also show symptoms,” she added.

In the current variants, BA.2.75 and BA.5, people can still get a mild infection, she said. On the other hand, people are quite immune to seasonal diseases as these diseases come every year.

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