Does Your Partner Really Love You? Do Not Ignore These Red Flags!

“They love me, they don’t love me,” we mutter these words over and over again, perhaps when we’re in love with someone, doubting whether they love us back.

Even if we are in a relationship, we cannot be sure that our partner is also in love with us. What do their small actions make us think if they don’t love us anymore? What if they fall in love?

Besides the main issues of cheating or being aggressive enough to make you leave them there, there are some red flags that often go undetected. You should not ignore these because they indicate that your partner does not really love you.

Demanding your social media passwords
Trust is the foundation of any relationship. If your partner keeps asking you for your social media passwords, they either don’t respect your privacy or they don’t trust you. They will definitely doubt what you do behind their back and won’t trust you enough.

Connecting with previous love interests
It’s okay for some to remain friends with their exes or former love interests. But this is not really a sign that your partner is in love with you. When we fall in love, we naturally ignore all the other people we’ve ever been involved with. There’s no point in staying connected to your past when you’re committed to someone else and planning to build a future with them.

Mocking your career choices
What we expect from our partners is to support them. We are often filled with self-doubt when deciding a career path for ourselves. At that time, all we want is for our partners to mock or scoff at our choices. Someone who truly loves us will support us and respect our decision.

Flirting with others
While flirting with multiple people is normal and fun when you’re single, it’s totally unacceptable when you’re in a relationship. This is a clear indication that your partner wants to have fun outside. Come on, your relationship also started with light, ‘meaningless’ flirting, right?

Arguing over petty issues
Fights are inevitable in a relationship. If there are ups there are also downs. But it’s important to note the issues your partner struggles with. If they fight with you over every little issue, you need to rethink their love for you. What can be ignored, must be ignored.

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