Cons Of Long Working Hours And How You Can Fix Them

Long hours spent hunched over a computer or laptop screen in the office can lead to a variety of health problems, including fatigue, diabetes, anxiety and the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, sitting at a desk for more than eight hours every day increases the risk of heart attack or stroke by 20%. However, research suggests that prolonged sitting almost doubles the risk of heart failure.

Co-author Scott Lear, M.D. and professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University, said, “If you must sit, getting more exercise at other times of the day can offset that risk.”

To reverse the damage, incorporate stretching into your lifestyle, according to Thrive Global. Stretching is very important. However, one usually underestimates it. Active and precise stretching can relieve muscle tension throughout the body.

1. One must start with neck rotation and that leads to moving force and tension.
2. After that, try doing shoulder rotations and shoulder shrugs.
3. Next, rotate your wrist slowly and gently, clockwise, then counterclockwise. Now use the other hand to stretch your wrist. Hold that position for some time. It can reduce the stress that long working hours put on your hands.
4. Spinal stretching revitalizes and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body.
5. Additionally, keep your legs parallel to the floor and lift them to stretch.
6. Try doing other yoga asanas like seated meniscus pose, chair pigeon pose, desk plank pose or desk upward dog pose as it is very beneficial.

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