Chennai Corporation has collected Rs 1,35,590 as fine from 87 park contractors for lack of proper maintenance.

Chennai Corporation has collected a fine of Rs 1,35,590 from a total of 87 contractors for not maintaining public parks in good condition. This was noted during the field survey conducted from 4th June to 7th July.

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Chennai Corporation fined 87 parks for lack of proper maintenance. (Representative image)


  • GCC fined 87 parks in Chennai for lack of proper maintenance
  • A total of Rs.1,35,590 was collected as fine
  • Corporation Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said: If the contractors impose fines more than 3 times, the contract will be cancelled.

Chennai Municipal Corporation (GCC) has fined 87 parks for lack of proper maintenance. The total amount collected as penalty was Rs.1,35,590. The GCC conducted a field survey in the parks from June 14 to July 7.

In a press release, GCC said that 738 parks are being maintained by its prk department for public use. Out of this, the maintenance works of 571 parks have been given to private contractors.

Contractors are expected to employ sufficient manpower to ensure that maintenance and other works are completed within the allotted time. As per the agreement of the contractors, they also have to appoint a security guard, a cleaner and a park supervisor.

The GCC said in the report that 18 contractors were fined Rs 28,090 for not employing enough staff and another 69 were fined Rs 1,07,500 for poor maintenance. This was observed during the field study of GCC.

Corporation Commissioner Gagandeep Singh Bedi said fines ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 were imposed on contractors who did not employ enough workers. Bedi also said that if they are fined three times, their contracts will be cancelled.

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