‘Chase’ review: A hardly engaging suspense thriller

Original screenplay, mediocre performances and poor placement of songs make this Vilok Shetty film a rubbish affair.

Original screenplay, mediocre performances and poor placement of songs make this Vilok Shetty film a rubbish affair.

Medical mafia became a concept for film makers.. Vilok Shetty chose this plot for his debut film. chase afterAdding elements of a suspense thriller to this familiar setting.

Wheelock highlights the plight of real workers in the medical field and also shows how money-minded medical professionals exploit helpless patients through unnecessary treatments. His intention to talk about such a serious issue is truly commendable.

Chase (Kannada)

Director: Vilok Shetty

cast: Avinash Narasimharaju, Radhika Narayan, Sheetal Shetty, Rajesh Nataranga, Arvind Rao. Sushanth Poojary, Arjun Yogi

duration: 143 minutes

plot: Nidhi, a visually impaired ex-policeman is caught up in the investigation

It revolves around Nidhi (Radhika Narayan), a police officer who loses her sight in a freak accident that also kills her friend. As she struggles to reconcile her personal and professional lives, Nidhi gets caught up in yet another accident. She approached the police for help. Here we are introduced to an investigation officer named Avinash (Avinash Diwakar).

The story takes an interesting turn when Nidhi travels in a dangerous man’s car. As expected, it leads to many unexpected twists and turns that keep the audience engaged. What happens to the fund? Who is guilty? What is the purpose? These are the questions that need to be answered.

Although Wheelock tries his best to build curiosity and incorporate the current state of these social issues into the narrative, he loses control of the narrative. The main reason for this is the presence of romantic songs in the screenplay.

chase after‘s main problem, however, is the lack of an original story. The film is an adaptation of Ahn Sang-hoon’s 2011 South Korean thriller. the blind — The movie is currently being remade in Hindi with the same title and was earlier remade in Tamil Don’t bother. from two the blind And Don’t bother The titles are well known to the audience and the reveals in the film did not make the expected impact.

It has established itself as a thriller that fails to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Wheelock tried his best to paint Nidhi’s character with broad strokes. Radhika Narayan, as a visually impaired cop, invests all her efforts to float the character. But to the discerning audience, her struggles in portraying the characters are very apparent. Avinash Diwakar’s performance is similar. The director fails to give a solid narrative to the various characters he introduces. Karthik Aaryan’s music lends little support to the narrative.

Chase is currently running in theatres

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