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BTS takes the fashion world by storm as they unveil Louis Vuitton Fall – Winter 2021 collection

Back in April 2021, the Grammy-nominated group announced BTS as the new house ambassadors of fashion brand Louis Vuitton. It marks Septet’s first global fashion partnership with the luxury label. The brand distributed the Louis Vuitton 2021 Fall / Winter Men’s Collection from Virgil Abloh Seoul on July 7, 2021, with Brand Ambassador BTS.

Since the announcement of the BTS x Louis Vuitton collaboration, fans have not been able to keep their enthusiasm going. This afternoon, the showcase was on display and it looked like a complete movie masterpiece. They saw the set at Bukian Art Bunker B39, an art and culture site outside of Seoul.

Kicking the showcase with a voiceover, he said, “I have been a pilot for about 7 years. In the midst of bad weather, I went through countless typhoons. I know the skies well, but I have seen a completely foreign place, with long skyscrapers, wide windows, and long hallways. Everything seems to have stopped. The sun shone and stopped in the landscape. There are still toys that walk through the landscape. It is not clear whether they are running up or down the skyscraper. The clouds closed and the city disappeared. I could not find that place again. ”

The show began with the entry of Jimin. Demonstrating his brilliance and charm, he wore a mix of white and gray suits. He kept it simple by accessing this look with red transparent sunglasses. The baton was sent to RM, the leader of the group. He wore a heavy coat containing 3 planes. He wore a black hat and a metal briefcase.

As for Suga, he wore a black suit and blazer that had 3 planes similar to RM’s coat. He also carried a green and white cross-body bag. There is a message on the strap of the bag that says “the same palace at the same time”. Louis Vuitton’s signature design appeared as a J-Hope dapper in a printed suit. The suit has a brown and black print. The pink pyramid is printed on the blazer in a circle on a gray background. He accessed it with a black baguette bag.

V wore a classic New York street fashion style – paired with a coat and black suit, with red checks on it. He took a coffee cup-shaped bag in one hand and a mini briefcase in the other. Then came Jungkook, who shook his outfit perfectly. He wore a black heavy coat similar to RM’s coat. He was wearing a black suit underneath and took a black bag.

Finishing the show with a beautiful gin, he wore a plaid overcoat and a suit underneath. He also carried a green and white bag. His outfit is a perfect example of color blocking.

Fans from all over the world joined in the premiere of the showcase. Designer and Creative Director, Virgil Ablo, House Ambassadors presents the Fall / Winter 2021 Louis Vuitton Men’s Collection with BTS in Seoul. Virgil was a Ghanaian-American man who joined Kente Cloth to pay homage to his African origins.

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