Bengaluru police have fulfilled the dream of two boys fighting cancer. Full story here

Isn’t it the happiest feeling when your dream comes true? Even if you experience that happiness for a short time, it is totally worth it. The same happened to these young boys from Bangalore. Bengaluru South East Division Police fulfilled their wish to become a police officer. The heartwarming story and the reason behind it rocked the internet and we’re sure you’ll cry tears of joy too.

Mohammed Salman from Kerala and Mithilesh from Bengaluru are battling cancer in a very bad condition. They had a dream of becoming a police officer. And, as fate would have it, their wish was granted in a touching manner. Bengaluru South East Division Police made them DCPs (Deputy Commissioners of Police) for a few hours. Yes, you read that right. The young boys also wore uniforms and even sat in the DCP office.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, South East Division, CK Baba, shared the related post on Twitter. “It was a humbling day when I was in the spotlight of DCPs. Brave children fighting a difficult disease, we played a small part in making their wish come true, just for a few hours. Infinite happiness and satisfaction for them. For us,” the post’s caption read.

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Needless to say, this post by IPS officer CK Baba caught the attention of many. It also touched the hearts of netizens and his police department’s gesture received praise online.

“Humanity is above any post we hold. Kudos for your great work for society and fulfilling some dreams of future generations,” wrote one user.

Another user commented, “Hats off sir, such an amazing job.”

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