‘Beast’ movie review: Idris Elba’s survival thriller is enjoyable despite the silly character writing

Despite people with characters behaving irrationally, this Balthasar Kormakur direction is economical and enjoyable in its bare bones.

Despite people with characters behaving irrationally, this Balthasar Kormakur direction is economical and enjoyable in its bare bones.

This mind-blowing creature features, devil and darkness, About Tsao’s vicious cannibals who terrorized workers building a railway line between Uganda and Mombasa in 1898. Michael Douglas as a big game hunter, Val Kilmer as a military engineer bent on getting the job done on schedule. .

the beast, while not quite as fun as the 1996 film, is enjoyable in an economical, bare-bones way. People running out of vehicles and other safe places are very stupid, despite being repeatedly told to stay put. One loses count of the number of times a character tells another to stay in a car/shelter and is carelessly ignored.

the beast

Director: Balthasar Cormakur

cast: Idris Elba, Ianna Hawley, Leah Sava Jeffries, Sharlto Copley

plot: An estranged father must save his daughters from a vengeful lion

runtime: 93 minutes

Idris Elba stars as Nate, a doctor who comes to South Africa with his daughters Meredith (Ianna Hawley) and Nora (Lea Sawa Jeffries). Nate is separated from his wife. Meredith, or Mere as she’s known, holds a king-sized grudge against her father for not being there when her mother dies of cancer.

The three arrive at the Mopani Reserve and meet Martin, a wildlife biologist who takes care of the reserve in a violent fight against poachers. Martin was also responsible for bringing Nate and his wife together. Hunters are greedy and hunt all kinds of wild animals including lions. When they kill the entire pride, the lone male survivor is left insane and seeks revenge on all of mankind. As Martin wisely said, “A lion has become cunning because he has killed his pride.”

The rest of the movie involves Nate, Martin, the girls, the hunters, and the lion engaged in a fierce battle for survival, learning life lessons along the way. Last week, we saw Elba as a trapped genie Three thousand years of longing And now we see him dealing with an angry lion. Filmed in South Africa, the beast Provides eye candy in beautiful locations.

The lion is suitably majestic, and Elba and company run, punch and shoot with just the right amount of determination. If you want to see a superhero movie, this could be the ticket. And Tsao’s mean man-eaters are always…

Beast is currently playing in theaters

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