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Anushka Manchanda aka Kiss Nuka endorses THE PLANT-BASED TREATY

Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda aka Kiss Nuka is a singer, music producer, composer, creative entrepreneur, actor, activist, and former VJ of Indian origin. She regularly uses her platform to educate people about animal rights and environmental issues. 


Anushka Manchanda endorses THE PLANT-BASED TREATY – a grassroots campaign designed to put food systems at the forefront of combating the climate crisis. 


Modeled on the popular Fossil Fuel Treaty, the Plant-Based Treaty aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture and to promote a shift to healthier, sustainable plant-based diets.

We are facing a climate catastrophe and according to the UN IPCC’s 6th assessment report (2021), we only have less than five years at best to turn things around otherwise. 

We are urging governments to negotiate a global treaty which will include the following three principles; the. 3Rs.

RELINQUISH – No land-use change, ecosystem degradation or deforestation for the purposes of animal agriculture. 

REDIRECT – An active transition away from animal-based agricultural systems to plant-based food systems. 

RESTORE – Restore key ecosystems and reforest the Earth.

This is not for future generations. The climate crisis is here and now. It’s important for our generation to do everything in its power now to phase out fossil fuels and to switch to a plant-based diet and food system.

The Plant-Based Treaty has already been endorsed by individuals and businesses internationally including Musician Moby, Indian Actress Sadaa Sayed, along with Dale Vince of Ecotricity, LUSH Cosmetics, and an IPCC expert reviewer Peter Carter from the Climate Emergency Institute. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Anja Hazekamp, Tilly Metz, EVI Eleonora, and Sylwia Spurek have also endorsed the PBT treaty.

To date, more than 10,000 individuals, 400 businesses, 190 organizations, and 2 cities have signed this treaty.




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