American musician Moby urges COP26 to endorse the plant-based treaty

moby endorses plant based treaty

The plant-based treaty is the solution.

And now it is being recognized worldwide.

Influencers and artists worldwide have been accepting and embracing the plant-based treaty to help save the planet and contribute to our harmonious co-existence with our environment.

And in this long list of noble souls, the name of the famous American musician Moby has been added.

Moby has always been an ally to the plant-based cause.

A vegan for practically all his life, Moby also owns and runs a popular vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called Little Pine.

Moreover, he devotes a large part of his time and resources to animal rights and vegan activism.

Moby has now embraced and endorsed the plant-based treaty and has also urged the world leaders at COP26 to do the same

Here is an important message from @Moby to world leaders at #COP26 about the need for a @PlantBasedTreaty. 



Climate activists have gathered in Glasgow to protest against the COP26 climate conference.


The UK is hosting a summit where world leaders will be asked how they plan to bring down carbon emissions.

Extreme weather events linked to climate change and harmful gases – including heatwaves, floods, and forest fires – are intensifying and becoming more frequent.

For this conference, 200 countries are being asked for their plans to cut emissions by 2030. 

We urge you all to endorse the Plant-Based Treaty, to save our planet and take a step towards green living.

Eat Plants, Plant Trees

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