Ahead of his stand-up act in Hyderabad, Shamik Chakrabarti describes himself as a nerd trying to be creative

Engineer-turned-stand-up comic Shamik Chakraborty describes himself as a no-brainer trying to be creative.

Engineer-turned-stand-up comic Shamik Chakraborty describes himself as a no-brainer trying to be creative.

Deadpan, understated and intellectual are the words audiences use to describe Shamik Chakraborty’s stand-up comedy. Bengaluru-based Shamik agrees and says he is “trying to add more variety to his performance to suit his natural rhythm. I am a genius trying to be creative.” Shamik will perform at Aromale, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad on October 9. This marks a new gig tour and he will perform in Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune in the following weeks.

Shamik became a household name through live gigs and his participation Comedy stand, aired on Amazon Prime Video. “The aim is to participate in a show like this Comedy stand Finding an audience I can perform with. Rather than me going out to scout for an audience, they found me. This is a great place to start growing. “

Shamik comes from a family of engineers. “My grandparents and my father were engineers and being an only child, my parents wanted me to have a stable career option,” he said. He agrees with the common joke that when he or she doesn’t know what they want, they study engineering: “Engineers pop up in every other house in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Many people are dropping out after engineering. I worked as an electrical engineer for a few years until an open mic event changed everything for me.

Interested in comedy since college, Shamik never thought it was a career choice. He was hooked on the stand-up shows of Russell Peters and George Carlin. While he was pursuing his Masters in the US, he often attended live and online stand up gigs. Returning to Bangalore, he drowned.

Currently screenwriter for VOOTs Sports over the top A series that provides news and views on top sports stories, he also travels for live stand-up comic shows.

He performed in Hyderabad earlier this year and said the performance was “a breeze”, thanks to the warm response from the audience. He is keen to see the reactions among new audiences who may not have attended his previous show but is also keen to offer something new to repeat audiences. “Some say that repeat audiences often feel like watching a movie a second time. You will notice the points you missed the first time. Since most stand-up shows follow a pre-written script, some jokes remain the same, with new jokes based on something that happened recently.

One of his famous jokes was scrutinizing Bangalore autos that refused to go to the requested destination. Shamik says that while travelling, he tries to reach the destination a little earlier and takes public transport to understand the place and its people. He sees travel as a method to decompress, declutter the mind and observe people.

As a stand-up comic, Shamik knows to play it safe when it comes to social media trolling. However, while those who like the show may not be promising on public forums, those who want to post negative comments go ahead and air their views: “It’s similar to comments in app reviews. Those who have complaints are more likely to voice their thoughts than those who are happy with the app experience. I urge people who enjoy a stand up show to go ahead and tell others about it; Nothing works like a mouthful.”

(Shamik Chakraborty to perform at Aromale, Jubilee Hills on October 9; BookMyShow, October 9, 6pm)

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